Friday, 5 April 2019

The Biggest Reason Why People Trust Modi Over Rahul

It is election season & both the main policical parties are trying their best to outdo the other. While BJP has been shrewdly using the power of movies to endear PM Modi to the voters, the Congress is taking what comes across as desperate measures to woo the voters. The NYAY scheme which was announced recently is one such measure.


Most of the opinion polls are hugely in favour of PM Modi. As per a recent poll 63% of the voters said PM Modi is the best PM India has ever had till date.

When questioned about Rahul, voters are of the opinion that he has come a long way but "ab bhi aur seekhna hai"(he still has a lot to learn). The other leaders of the mahagathbandhan barely get spoken about.

PM Modi continues to enjoy the love & support of  most of his followers even after 5 years of being at the helm. Which brings us to the question - Why do people trust PM Modi over Rahul Gandhi?


The biggest reason behind people believing in PM Modi's poll promises & not taking Rahul Gandhi's NYAY scheme is credibility. While PM Modi too hasn't fulfilled all his poll promises which include Ram Mandir, Labour reforms, land reforms etc he has fulfilled a big chunk of his promises. While a lot of people viewed PM Modi's promises with scepticism 5 years back, they were amazed about how PM Modi did actually walk the talk on corruption, black money & bringing reforms like GST, IBC. PM Modi's credibility is the only reason why people didn't revolt against demonetization, despite facing hardships. PM Modi enjoys this level of credibility thanks to years of serving his electorate & exceeding their expectations. Congress continues to attack PM Modi over his alleged poll promise of 15L. But truth is that he never made that claim. But he did not clarify the issue either, which is coming back to haunt him now.

Rahul Gandhi on the other hand has a poor track record. His constituency - Amethi is never cited as an example for development. Till a few years back they had intermittent electricity, few job opportunities & poor infrastructure. None of the other Congress ruled states too do not boast of a great track record. While many voted the SAD-BJP combine out of power in Punjab due to the drug menace, the Amarinder Singh led Congress government has not been a to do much to curb the drug menace. The other Congress ruled states - Karnataka, MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh too are ridden with corruption, red tape related issues. The Congress party has faced a credibility issue right from Indira Gandhi regime due to their poor track record of fulfilling their poll promises. Not only did Congress governments at the centre not fulfill poll promises, they indulged in industrial scale corruption to fill their coffers. This very track will haunt them during the upcoming elections.

Thankfully the Indian voter is not gullible as they used to be & is refusing to take Congress's poll claims seriously.

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