Thursday, 4 April 2019

Car AC Hacks - How To Optimize Your Car's AC & Save Fuel

Summer in India is replete with hot outdoors, sweat & pollution. Your car's AC is your saviour during the summer. We will show you how to optimize your car AC

AC Vent

When there are 3-4 passengers in you car, they often tend to change the direction of the vents as per their convenience. The next day when you are on your way to work, you direct all the AC vents towards you & it takes a while for the AC to cool your car. But this is not the best practice to optimize your car AC.

The best practice is to shut the AC vents which are far from you & rely only on those AC vents which are close to you. If there are 4 vents in the front - 1 on each corner & 2 in the middle, we would suggest you shut the vent on the opposite corner. One should also remember to shut the vent in the rear part of the car if travelling alone. This will channel all the cool air to the vents which are close to you. This will lead to your body getting cooled faster & even improving you car's mileage.

AC Temperature

People often tend to keep the AC temperature as low as 18-20 degree celsius. This practice is a colossal waste of your car's petrol.

Studies have shown that when the AC is lower than 22 degree celsius, the pores on your skin gets blocked. The optimal temperature for your car AC is 24 degree celsius. Indians are not used to 18 degree celsius & can make you fall sick. 24 degree celsius on the other hand will make you feel comfortable. Keeping the car AC at 24 degree celsius also leads to lower consumption of petrol & thus better mileage.

How To Cool Your Car After It Is Parked Under The Sun

During peak summer season, your car may get heated up even if you leave it under the sun for 30-45 mins. People often tend to run their car AC on full blast to cool their car down.

We would suggest you to instead lower your car windows for a few mins, as you take your car out. After 2-3 mins of keeping your windows down, the hot air in your car will escape. We would suggest you to start your AC after 2-3 mins. Your AC will require much lesser time to cool your car down & will save you some petrol as well.

We hope these hacks were useful for you. Please do write to us in case of any queries.


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