Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Why Bhakts Get Agitated When People Criticize Modi

Modi baiters frequently complain that they face a barrage of abusive messages on social media, the moment they criticize Modi. Some go on to say that all these bhakts are BJP IT cell members. Which makes us question, are all those thousands of modi bhakts, paid IT cell members or is there more to it?

While one can buy the loyalty of a few people by granting favors or just paying them off. But the kind of loyalty & respect that modi commands is unprecedented. This kind of loyalty can't be bought. While Indians had resigned to their fate when it came to the competence of their politicians, Modi came across as a breath of fresh air. Indians were used to politicians making money of shady deals & looting the public. The corrupt politicians would be succeeded by their corrupt family members. It wasn't uncommon for a politician's net worth to increase exponentially in a span of a few years. The worst part was neither did they live up to their election promises(which were printed in their manifesto) nor did they sport a clean image. Many of them got elected despite murder, theft, fraud etc cases registered against them.

Modi on the other hand, has no family per se. His mother, brothers, relatives etc continue to work as ordinary citizens despite him being the PM! None of the government vigilance bodies have ever filed a corruption case against him nor his ministers. Not only does he set high targets for himself & his ministers, he goes about achieving them like a CEO. Unlike many other politicians, Modi has seen poverty from close quarters. He is well aware of what ails the poor people of India. Jan Dhan, PM Awas Yojana, LPG scheme, Swach Bharat, Ayushman Bharat etc are all schemes for the benefit for the poor people.

The biggest reason for Modi's mass following is his fearless attitude & his famed 56 inch chest. He has taken steps which no other politician would dare. After all, who would dare to take a drastic step like demonetization, when his popularity is at an all time high? He followed it up with GST, despite being aware than no leader has won an election post introducing GST! Before getting elected Modi had promised that he wouldn't let a Mumbai 2008 type attack go unpunished. He mocked the then PM Manmohan Singh for "running to Obama", instead of attacking Pakistan. Pakistan made the mistake of under-estimating Modi's resolve & green lighted a move which entailed sending terrorists to attack the Indian army. Modi responded on both the instances within a span of 11 days.

Modi supporters are now confident of their leader, who has never let them down. Not only has he delivered on most of his promises, he has also performed extremely well when it comes to building relations with his counterparts from other countries. This has led to Pakistan getting isolated. The Uri attacks & the Balakot air strikes were the knockout punch to seal the fate of Modi's political rivals. Even his political rivals are aware that a miracle is required to change their political fortunes.

If Modi does come back to power as the opinion polls predict, a lot of people will accredit his success to the Balakot air strikes. But his supporters & neutral citizens will tell you that he would have won even if the Balakot air strikes would not have happened! 

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