Monday, 9 July 2018

How To Watch 8 Movies For INR 470 At A Multiplex!

Watching movies at a theatre, which used to be a favorite past time for many middle employees, students & the senior citizens alike is turning out to be an expensive habit. With the advent of multiplexes, prices of movie tickets are at an all time high. While single screens attract the masses, urban audiences have no other option but to go to their neighborhood multiples for watching the latest flicks.

But, thanks to a multiples chain's loyalty program one can watch 5 movies a month for a measly INR 290 bucks. Read on to find out more.

Carnival Cinemas has launched a loyalty program. As per this program, one can enroll into the program by logging on their website - & paying the fees of INR 149 per month. For every movie you watch thereon, you will have to pay INR 40. That's it! You can watch unlimited number of movies by paying just 40 bucks per movie. If you watch two movies a week, your cost per movie will be INR 58.7 & the total money spent on movies for the month will be INR 470.

The loyalty program is a boon for movie buffs & especially students.

So what is the catch? You may ask. Here are the limitations of the loyalty program

1) Days: Moviecard holders can watch movies only from Mon-Thurs at the discounted price of INR 30. On other days the offer is not applicable. So if you were dreaming of watching the first day first show of the upcoming blockbuster for INR 40, you are sadly mistaken. You will have to make time on a weekday, brave the traffic to watch your movies.

2) Seating: The seating is restricted to three rows in the front. Although you won't be asked to sit in the very first row, you cannot choose from the seats in the last row. The seats are mostly from 3rd row to the 6th row.

3) Theatre: The offer is applicable to  Carnival Cinemas patrons only.

This concept is hugely successful abroad & is now available for Indian movie enthusiasts as well. We did enroll ourselves & though it was great value for our money. For lovers of cinema who were scouting for a low cost option, it couldn't get better.

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